Smelling Jars

A tray with two sets of opaque jars, each containing a ball of cotton moistened with substance of different odors:
– These sets make up four pairs.
– The tops of each set should be a different color.
– The tops should open and close easily.


Bring the child to the shelves and show him the smelling jars. Tell the child that you will be showing him how to use the smelling jars. Have the child carry the tray to that table, placing the tray in the upper part of the table. Have the child sit to your left.

– Take out one set at a time and line them up in parallel lines (based on their group) but keeping sufficient room between both lines.
– Move the tray off to the side.
– Mix one of the lines up, keeping them in a line.
– Bring the first jar from the left row up near you, thus isolating it from the others.
– Open the jar and show the child how to smell it, by placing the opening a little under your nose and moving the jar from side to side as you take in the smell.
– Have the child smell the same jar as you have shown.
– Place it off to the left of the line of other jars.
– Isolate the next jar from the left line.
– Have the child open the jar.
– You smell and then have the child smell in a similar fashion as with the first jar.
– Place this jar next to the first jar.
– Smell the rest of the jars from this set.
– Replace the jars you have smelled in a line where they were.
– Isolate the first jar from the left line.
– Tell the child that you are going to find the one that smells just like this one.
– Isolate the first jar from the other line and place it next to the first jar.
– Open the lids of both bottles, one at a time.
– Smell each of the jars, one at a time.
– If the two jars smell different, shake your head and turn to the child to tell him that they do not smell the same.
– Close the jar to the right and place it to the right of the right line.
– Bring down the next jar from the right line.
– Smell both jars in front of you.
– If the two jars smell the same, tell the child they do, have the child smell both
to check, and then close their lids.
– Place them side-by-side, in between the two lines of jars.
– Repeat until you have matched all the jars.
– Place the jars back into their respective lines, mix one of the lines and allow
the child to match the jars based on their smells.
– Once he is done, have him replace the jars in two rows (based on their colors)
on the tray, and then the tray back onto the shelves.













Matching at a distance
Matching to the environment.


There is no particular language. The names of the substances may be given to the child.


Refinement of the olfactory sense.
To develop consciousness of odors and fragrances.

Control of Error
The ability of the child to discriminate odors and/or fragrances.


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