Substraction Charts

– Charts 2 and 3 (the blind chart)
– A basket of folded slips on which are written the essential subtraction facts are written.
– A box of loose tablets containing the results of all the subtractions.

Presentation 1: Substraction Charts 2

    1. Have the child bring the material to the table.
    2. Guiding with your finger, show the child the red numbers along the top and along the diagonal side.
    3. Then do the same for the numbers in blue.
    4. Have the child choose a slip from the basket. (14 – 8 =)
    5. Place your right index finger on the red 14.
    6. Place your left index finger on the blue 8.
    7. Slide your right finger down and your left finger to the right until they meet. (This should be on the 6.)
    8. Say, “14 minus 8 is 6.”

montessori, table of arithmetics, substraction charts



  1. Repeat until the child understands the hand movements.
  2. Then have the child repeat as shown and record the equation and answer.


Presentation 1: Substraction Charts 3

  1. Have the child bring the material to the table.
  2. Have the child take out all of the tiles and place them in lines by numbers from smallest to greatest.
  3. Have the child choose a slip, read the subtraction problem out loud, and say the answer.
  4. Then have him do the hand movements to see where the appropriate tile should be placed.
  5. Have him hold the spot with one hand and use the other to find the correct tile and to place it on the spot.
  6. Repeat this until the whole board is filled.See below for a work in progress.

montessori, table of arithmetics, substraction charts


13 – 9 =


The memorization of the essential facts in subtraction. The various charts give the possibility of repetition, which helps to fix these in the memory of the child.

Control of Error
The chart itself is the control of error.
Chart 2 will correct Chart 3 (the blind chart)


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