Thermic Tablets

– A box with six pairs of tablets which differ in their heat
conducting properties such as: wood, felt, cork, marble, and iron.
– A blindfold


Invite the child to come and work with you. Bring him over to the shelf and show him the box with the thermic tablets. Give the child the name of the material and have him bring it over to the table. Have him place the box in the upper middle part of the table and have him sit to your left.

– Take out one of each tablet from the box.
– Place them in a row, a little to your left.
– Show the child the part of your wrist you will be using to feel the temperature of the tablet. (You may need to roll up your sleeve to do so.)
– Bring the first tablet from the row down in front of you and show the child how to feel.







– Then allow the child to feel the tablet as you have just shown.
– Feel, and have the child feel all of the tablets on the table.
– Take out the other tablets from the box and place them randomly in the same row as the first set of tablets.
– Close the box and place it in the upper right corner of the table.
– Keeping the same first tablet as above, tell the child that you are going to close your eyes and feel the tablet that feels just like this one.
– Close your eyes and feel the first tablet again.
– Keeping your eyes closed, place your same wrist on the tablet that is
to the most left in the row.











– Moving from left to right, feel each of the tablets slowly until you find a match for the first tablet.
– Once you have found the tablet that feels just like the one in front of you, bring it next to the first tablet. Feel them both to check.
– Allow the child to feel them both.
– Place the matched tablets in the upper left corner of the table.
– Bring the tablet that is first in the row, down in front of you.
– Close your eyes and repeat the steps in finding its match (like for the first tablet).
– Match all of the tablets.
– Mix the tablets and rearrange them in a row.
– Offer the child a blindfold and allow him to match the tablets.
– Once the child has matched and is finished working with the material, show him how to replace the tablets into the box by placing each match in one slot.

Matching at a distance
Matching to the environment


The names of the substances may be given.


To refine the thermic sense.

Control of Error
In the material: the substance and color being different for each tablet.


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