Introducing the stack, sort and count activity 1-10  – the ultimate educational toy for toddlers and young children to help them learn basic counting, matching and sorting.

The stack, sort and count activity consist of 1-10 counting games, with colored wooden discs and a wooden stacking tower. The toddler learns to sort discs into 5 different colors. It also helps him learn to count and match with the respective matching card. The stack sort and count activity also helps child learn stacking. The discs are smaller and requires more focus and a little more hand eye coordination skill.


  • Helps practicing basic counting 

The stack sort and count activity provides thorough practice to what child learns verbally. With this activity, a toddler can easily understand the concept of numbers and their respective quantities. The toddler practice counting by using numbers and relate them by counting the discs in each stack. This way he also understands that each number has a quantity attached with it. This learning is very importand as it forms the base to practical mathematics through conceptual learning.

  • Counting and matching

Another very important concept for a child is to learn how to count and then match the quanity with a given number. This means that the child recognize the numeral and can quanitfy it. Matching skills is another important skill for a toddler as it helps child is various other aspects as well.

  • Hand eye coordination

Not only does the stacking tower helps child count and match but also assist the child in developing fine motor control and hand eye coordination. The child learn and develop hand eye cooridnation by stacking small discs into their respective stacking tower.

  • Sort 

With 10 different colored discs the child learns to sort and arrange the discs into their respective towers. Sorting skill is a great way for further learning and developent in a toddler.

Package includes

The package includes

  • One wooden stacking tower
  • 55 discs in 10 different colors
  • Matching cards


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