Mini muffin match up game

Hey mom, Has your little one entered the Terrible-twos?

Are you looking for activities to build up skills yet keep it interesting?

Mini muffin match up is a colourful muffin themed game that will help your toddler develop a multitude of foundational math skills, help your pre-schooler with color recognition, boost matching skills, refine his fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, visual spatial skills and pattern recognition skills. It is one of the best learning toys for toddlers and is among commonly used preschool activities that benefit toddlers multidimensionally.


  1. Squeezy yet handy tweezers helps your child in fine motor development and hand eye coordination.
  2. Rainbow colored mini muffins encourage
    • Color recognition
    • Color sorting
    • Color matching
    • Counting.
  3. The muffin match game provides variety of activities to reinforce foundational math skills for toddlers.
  4. Perfect for age 3 and up.
  5. Warning ! do not introduce product to babies as may cause choking hazard.

Package Includes

The activity includes

  • 8 different colour bowls
  • 64 mini muffins (8 different colours)
  • Pair of jumbo tweezers
  • 1 – 10 number cards
  • Pattern cards

Use the activity following ideas from foundational math skills.



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